CoSurf for iPad and iPhone

The (bidirectional) split-screen browser for two-people


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Two people can surf the web simultaneously on a single device! Just set the device down on a flat surface, and you can both begin surfing the web on your respective side of the screen.

Whether planning a vacation with your significant other, researching a common topic with a friend, or just surfing the web over two cups of coffee, CoSurf brings you and those around you closer together. Instead of getting lost into two different screens, this app helps web surfing to become more socially interactive.

Take Full-Screen Control

 —  Optional Full-Screen Control  —
If one person finds an interesting webpage you want to look at together, you can take control of the entire screen by simply lifting the device up off the table.

Step_2_Unlock - Cropped

—  Orientation Lock  —
When working together at an angle, you can tap the center lock button to lock the orientation so either side does not take full-screen control.

—  Trading Browsers  —
Rotate the center toolbar with two fingers to exchange the two web browsers.

—  Favorites  —
Each person can access their own independent favorites list on their side.


Now Available for FREE